Create a work order and add labor hours with Maximo REST

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8 thoughts on “Create a work order and add labor hours with Maximo REST

  1. Do you have an example where we can pass one labtrans record that does not use a form? Just the whole url with the data? I am interested in using this to stuff labtrans records from our time entry program. 

  2. We are posting data from SharePoint (InfoPath Form) into Maximo. The data is being truncated to 255 characters. Can you give me pointers on where to look?

  3. hello chon ,

    when i add labtrans hours to specific workorder , I get an error on double separator some maximo instances only accept point separator(.) other only accept comma separator(,) .

    Is there any solution for that ? thank you

  4. Hi
    can you provide the same example if There is no Maximo authentication where as authentication is LDAP enabled with BASIC authentication, which uses Authorization header.



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