Action properties for Integration Framework (MIF)

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15 thoughts on “Action properties for Integration Framework (MIF)

      1. I know there’s an ACTION attribute in the interface table, but how do you specify a certain action if you’re importing via file upload? Do you need to add an extra column to the flat file?

  1. Hi Chon,

    If we are posting data to Maximo web service interface using a load tool like Informatica (Web Service Producer) is there a way that we can grab the Maximo response / error message back at the sender – the standard request response model of webservices. To keep this simple I would ask how do I or what do i need to configure a Maximo webservice to get the message that’s written to message tracking table.

      1. Hi Chon,

        This is for Inbound data processing using webservices. Its a data load operation. I publish data from Informatica to Web Services interface (JMS Queue enabled) in Maximo. They get processed and as the enterprise services bound to this webservice in Maximo are message tracking enabled, an sucess or fail message is posted to message tracking table.

        As these are standard AXIS webservice engine that’s used, is there a way that i can capture the message put into message tracking application at the webservice sender.


        1. I don’t think that is possible. In some cases a web service transaction may take as long as 30 minutes to run, sometimes even longer depending on the data. You don’t want your Informatica to sit and wait for the response if that web service is taking that long to process.

          1. Hi Chon,
            If I use transformation as opposed to target for sending data through webservices to MIF I find the response is coming back in the output of transformation only for those records which are successfully inserted or updated. but all the failure messages are being written in Session log.

            I want those messages to be written in my file which are connected to output port.
            Or I want them to be captured by some means in informatica and definitely not in Session log.
            is there any way to do that?
            can I capture them using Source as to read ?

  2. Hello Chaon,
    is there a way to specify default action for, say, object within EnterpriseService?

    For example, if no action is specified in inbound XML message, i want it to be “Update”, not Sync as it works by default. I use webservices.

    Thank yoy

  3. In Maximo, I have tried both ‘Change’ and ‘Replace’ but it’s not clearing a field when loading Asset back to the system.

    Example: 1. Exported asset data using MXASSET
    2. Cleared Vendor and Manufacturer details from template (Using flat file method)
    3. Imported asset data using MXASSET
    4. Still i can see Vendor and Manufacturer details in Asset

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