IBM Maximo e-mail approval product

IBM has released a CTP of their newest e-mail approval product for Maximo.  If you are familiar with Createch and their Blackberry email approval solution for Maximo, then you will know that this is basically the same idea.

IBM Maximo® for E-mail is an application and set of corresponding utilities and templates that allow Maximo record information to be emailed to a Maximo user, and updated via the edited reply. There are 2 primary scenarios: status changes and workflow approvals. There are two selectable modes of navigation: 1) simple, where a single numeric response from a formatted list performs an update; 2) advanced, where the user may edit the email body, and submit multiple changes.

Download the IBM Maximo for E-mail today and you can start playing with it.  Of course, this software is provided as-is with no support so I probably wouldn’t put it on a production environment. [IBM ISM Library]

Did You Know...

As Maximo Experts, we have developed Maximo adds on products to make Maximo work assignment simple, reporting easy, and facilitating service requests seamless. Check out our additional products EZPlanner, EZInsight, and EZRequest.

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