Enable labor transaction future actual dates

Some of you may have seen the dialog message, “Actual Dates May Not Be In The Future”, when you try to enter labor hours that are considered future dates.  This is the default functionality of Maximo, but there is a way to disable it if you want to.  To disable this, open a connection to your database and enter this command:

update maxvars set varvalue = 1 where varname = ‘SUPPRESSACTCHECK’;

You will have to restart the application server for the changes to take affect.  Also note that won’t prevent future dates to be entered into Maximo. [IBM Support]

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3 thoughts on “Enable labor transaction future actual dates

    1. If SUPPRESSACTCHECK is disabled then would  this validation will be disabled within entire Maximo. Then i think we will loose the validation check for some sites which are in the same timezone as of the server. Is it possible to disable only at site level or app level.

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