Disable e-mailing passwords for newly created users in Maximo 7

When I first started creating users in Maximo 7, I quickly realized that I needed a users email address in order for me to save the record.  Out of the box, Maximo required that I set the password and email it to the user.  Of course I had to configure the SMTP in Maximo in order to do this.  So that got me thinking, what if I didn’t want to email the passwords to the user? or if they didn’t even own an email address?  or if I didn’t have an SMTP server?  How would I be able to create users?  Here’s how…

First, go into the Users module.  Click on Select Action -> Security Controls.  There you will find ‘Automatic Password Generation’.  The default is set to: “Always E-mail Generated Passwords to Users (Never Display On Screen)”, which requires an email address to be populated.  Select the other option like so:

Automatic Password Generation
Automatic Password Generation

Now create a new user and set the users password.  You should now be able to uncheck “E-mail Password to User?”.

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2 thoughts on “Disable e-mailing passwords for newly created users in Maximo 7

  1. You can change the check box so that it is no longer read only by going to the system properties from within Maximo (Go To/System Configuration/Platform Configuration/System Properties) and enter any value in the SMTP option (smtp.gmail.com). Then when you go back into the user you can uncheck the box so that it will not email the user and you can save the user record.

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