Prevent completion / closure of work orders with open labor transactions

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4 thoughts on “Prevent completion / closure of work orders with open labor transactions

  1. Can you please explain this – Launch Point Attribute: LABTRANS[finishdate IS NULL OR finishtime IS NULL].LABTRANSID* – is this a whereclause in the square brackets and what is the * for?


    1. Yes, you can put a “whereclause” inside the brackets so that it will only find labor transactions that meet that criteria (in this case, “open” labor transactions). The * indicates that it should return an array of labor transactions (since there could be more than one).

  2. I received this error: BMXAA7836E – The script did not compile.
    SyntaxError: no viable alternative at character ‘‘’ in at line number 3 at column number 16

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