BIRT report templates

BIRT , out-of-the-box, has six templates available for the report developer. These templates are:

  • Tivoli MAXIMO List Report Template: This is used for simple listing reports with traditional row and column format. Labor List and Asset Move History reports are two examples of this template.
  • Tivoli MAXIMO Grouped Report Template: Has same features as the Listing Template and also has a section for grouping results: Item Availability and Asset List are good examples of such template.
  • Tivoli MAXIMO SubReport Template: This report is used to develop complex reports with more detailed information such as Workorder Details, Asset Details, etc
  • Tivoli MAXIMO Graphic List Report Template: Has same features as the Listing Template but also it includes a graphic (Bar, Line or Pie chart) before the report’s results.
  • Tivoli MAXIMO Graphic Grouped Report Template: This is a grouped report which includes a graphic. The Service Traget Compliance Summary report is a good example of such templates which is using the Bar graphic
  • Tivoli MAXIMO Graphic SubReport Template: This is used to develop a complex report having group sections and a graphic for either Bar, Line or Pie.

Each template contains:

  • Tivoli Logo in Top Left Hand Corner
  • IBM Logo in Top Right Hand Corner
  • Date and Time Report was executed in Lower Left Hand Corner
  • Current Page/Total Pages in Lower Right Hand Corner

All Templates are delivered in landscape
All report designs are based on 10″ of usable-space width-wise (This is based on template margins of 0.5″ on the left and 0.5″ on the right). [IBM Support]

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