Working with the Bulletin Board in Maximo

The Bulletin Board application is used to create and view messages, in an electronic board, regarding critical problems and incidents.  It is also used to broadcast information throughout your organization.  When creating a bulletin board message, you specify when the message appears and a date and time for when it should be deleted.

Creating Messages

In order to create a message, the user must first have rights to the Bulletin Board application.  Once they have access, click Go To -> Administration -> Bulletin Board.  Click on ‘New Message’ icon to create a new message.  Every message must have a ‘Post Date’ and an ‘Expiration Date’ specified.  You cannot have a message that doesn’t expire.  Enter a summary for the message and enter the details of the message.

Now this stuff is pretty straight forward, but the powerful part of bulletin boards is the fact that you can show messages to certain users within your organization.  For example, you can send a message at the Organization level, so if you have multiple ORG’s in Maximo, you can send just those users a message.  Secondly, you can send it to the SITE level and then you can send it to Person Groups.  If you have set up person groups within your site, you can send messages to just those specific users within that person group.  Once you are done, save it and don’t forget to change the status of this record because the default status is DRAFT.  Make sure you approve it in order for it to show.

Bulletin Board Portlet

Finally, you can view all bulletin board messages from the start center or from any application within Maximo.

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8 thoughts on “Working with the Bulletin Board in Maximo

  1. Hi, more of an advanced question or rather two:
    1. Can you configure so that only those messages that user has NOT read show up?
    2. Have you been able to configure attached documents for the bulletin board? Followed the instructions that IBM has for a custom app, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. We know the document is getting uploaded, and can be read by browsing the library, but the icon is not indicating there is an attached document.

  2. Hi,

    Can I limit the no. of records under BB in start center like we can do for result set portlet and how can I change the defaullt filter i.e Viewable =N to Viewable =


  3. I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to weigh in on Megha’s question on the offchance it helps someone else finding this article.

    In the System Properties file, look up the property called PMBBISTRACKED. Change that to 0 from the default of 1…then do a life refresh. This will give you the desired change.

  4. I am finding that if you specify a site in the user audience for a bulletin message in the application,
    the bulletin board portlet does not check that the user has security to see messages for this site for all applications.
    For example, we have a security group that gives access to users for site XX for application YY only ( a safety app).
    Users do not have access to this site XX for other applications, just to assign EHS records… so they should not see Broadcast
    messages for this site.
    I create a bulletin that is only to be displayed to full users of that site by selecting site XX in the user audience section.
    I have created a Global Data restriction which filters out the messages that the user should not see.
    The Global Data restriction stops non-full site users from seeing this bulletin in the application.
    But, this restriction does not impact what is displayed in the portlet…. it does not stop bulletins from appearing for site XX
    Is there a way to modify the Bulletin Board portlet to use the Global Data restriction?

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