Adding a Default Value for Person Group Lookup

This is a simple modification to this tutorial here so the steps are the same.

First export the LOOKUPS.xml and save it to disk.  Do a search for the table with id=”persongroup”.  All you have to do is replace that table with this:

<table id="persongroup" inputmode="readonly" selectmode="single">
	<tablebody displayrowsperpage="20" filterable="true" filterexpanded="true" id="persongroup_lookup_tablebody">
		<tablecol dataattribute="persongroup" id="persongroup_lookup_tablebody_col_2" mxevent="selectrecord" mxevent_desc="Go To %1" sortable="true" type="link"/>
		<tablecol dataattribute="description" id="persongroup_lookup_tablebody_col_3" mxevent="selectrecord" mxevent_desc="Go To %1" sortable="true" type="link"/>
		<defaultvalue dataattribute="persongroup" defaulttype="query" id="persongroup_default" value="A-*"/>

You can see we added the “defaultvalue” tag and we set the “value” to ‘A-*’.  Now for any lookup within Maximo for Person Group, will always have a default filter set.

Oh, remember to restart the application server for this change to work.

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2 thoughts on “Adding a Default Value for Person Group Lookup

  1. I modified the “laborcraftrate” lookup by adding the supervisor field (labor.person.supervisor). I also added a default value item as per this IBM doc ( ) however, instead of a hardcoded value, I’d like to put in the current logged in user as the supervisor filter. I tried the following in the value=” ” field but none of them worked. Any other ideas for how to do that?


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