Improve Maximo performance with WebSphere

If you are using WebSphere and Maximo 5 or above, you can improve your performance by changing a few parameters.  This performance improvement is memory related, so if you've noticed that your Maximo server is starved of memory after prolonged use, … Read More

Install multiple instances of Maximo 7 using WebSphere

The previous versions of Maximo all came with an installation guide that helped you install a Maximo application server for production purposes and also for testing or development purposes.  In most cases, this is how most of our applications are … Read More

Maximo World!

Welcome to Maximo Times. All things Maximo! This blog is about all things related to IBM's Maximo Asset Management software such as Syclo Mobile, Actuate reports, Birt reports, MEA and so much more... … Read More

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