Alter attribute LABEL dynamically

Under WOTRACK, and making use of REMDUR field (repurposed to capture DOWNTIME hours directly on the work order record).... Assumptions: (1) There is a PRIORITIZATION scheme that says PRIORITY 1 & 3 are assets that have experienced downtime; … Read More

Labor Actuals – sometimes you get a ZERO value

The user accidentally entered this value. Normally the Maximo screen (work order actuals or LabTrans) will capture the Starttime and Endtime and automatically populate the RegularHrs field. But sometimes you discover a zero - which means no linecost … Read More

Exporting Data via Event Listener with Child Objects

Did you know that you can export data from Maximo based on some event automatically?  Of course you did, but did you know that in Maximo 7.5 there is a new feature setting called 'event propagation'? It allows you to export data based on when a child … Read More

Utilizing a field called SITEVISIT

Tip for the Day: On the SR object there is a field titled SITEVISIT. It is not on the WORKORDER table. Many client site/industries have a process where ... in order for the work to get started, the maintenance tech must first perform a site … Read More

Adding a Default Value for Person Group Lookup

This is a simple modification to this tutorial here so the steps are the same. First export the LOOKUPS.xml and save it to disk.  Do a search for the table with id="persongroup".  All you have to do is replace that table with this: <table … Read More

Poor Man Scheduling

Assumptions/understandings: There are many ways to “schedule work”. Smaller organizations however sometimes need simpler methods. This particular technique allows one to quickly see (-by work order count-) who is over-loaded (or not). This is … Read More

Highlight Work Log Tab When a Work Order Has Work Logs

Sometimes it nice to quickly and visually get feedback on information when looking at a work order detail.  There can be so many fields and tabs on a work order detail screen that it would be nice to know if the record has any work logs, or any other … Read More

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