Maximo Asset Management v7.1 Education Assistant

I found this great IBM support site that has a few short flash demos/tutorials for doing various tasks in Maximo 7.  Here is the complete list of flash videos. How to edit screens in Application Designer How to add objects and attributes … Read More

Maximo links of interest 08-07-2009

Top Tech notes for this month: News & Flashes: Title: Single source for multiple mbs7115 Release notes Troubleshooting and FAQs: Title: Migrating Classifications with Migration Manager Recent and Important Downloads: Title: Maximo … Read More

Backup and restore Maximo schema on Oracle

For those of you using Oracle and Maximo 6 or above, backing up and restoring a Maximo schema can be a pain.  If you were using SQL Server, it would take only a few minutes, depending on the size of your database.  But with Oracle, you have to jump … Read More

Improve Maximo performance with SQL Server and Page Locking

Turning off Page Locking in SQL Server will improve performance and prevent slow transactions or hanging.  This applies to Maximo 6 and 7.  Since Page Locking is already turned on unless it has been modified by the Configure utility.  Therefore it is … Read More

Encrypt file

In Release 7 the file is encrypted after the installation. When modifications need to be made to properties, the file should not be modified. To modify the file: 1. Delete the … Read More

Import data with Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA)

There aren't many differences between Maximo 6's MEA and Maximo 7's MIF. If you read my previous post on importing data with MIF, then it will be easier to understand how MEA works. The architecture is pretty much the same but some minor name … Read More

Install multiple instances of Maximo 7 using WebSphere

The previous versions of Maximo all came with an installation guide that helped you install a Maximo application server for production purposes and also for testing or development purposes.  In most cases, this is how most of our applications are … Read More

Maximo World!

Welcome to Maximo Times. All things Maximo! This blog is about all things related to IBM's Maximo Asset Management software such as Syclo Mobile, Actuate reports, Birt reports, MEA and so much more... … Read More

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