MAXIMO BIRT Report Generator

If you guys want to easily develop some BIRT reports, then this plugin is for you.  This tool/utility has been brought to my attention by Christian (Thanks!) and it looks very promising!  Here is a brief description of the plugin: Code generator for … Read More

Error adding security groups to new users

I was playing around the Security Groups and Users module and I came across an error message that didn't really make sense to me.  I had logged into Maximo as a user that I created, actually duplicated from the Maxadmin user, so I have all the exact … Read More

Edit dialogs not found in Application Designer

I recently got a great question from Ernie.  The question was this: Would you happen to know how to hide the Person Group tab on select ownership menu option? I need to be able to assign an owner and owner group. I have already creating a lookup … Read More

Wildcard searches in Maximo 7

You can use a "wildcard" character or characters with letters or numbers to indicate you want to find records that begin with, end with, or contain those letters/numbers. There are four characters you can use as a wildcard: the asterisk (*), the … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 7 Installation Tips and Tricks

Abstract Audience: Level 2 Support, GBS, Business Partners, Customers Abstract: This STE will cover: - Overview - Install options and setting - Taskrunner - Deployment Engine - Logs - Issues - Troubleshooting Presented by: Darlene … Read More

Auto Login in Maximo 7

Did you know that you can bypass the login page with the auto login feature?  Didn't know that there was an auto login feature?  Well, there is.  To bypass the login page, simply enter this URL into the address … Read More

Enable AutoKey when inserting new assets in Maximo 7

In Maximo 4.1.1, you could enter a new asset with an auto number by default.  In Maximo 7,  with the default configuration, you aren't able to generate an auto number when inserting new assets.  The functionality is there for you to use an auto key … Read More

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