Linking to Documents on a Shared Network Drive

This support question came up in our forum and a member by the name "sckl" (Thanks!) has posted a great answer.  I figured I'd post it here for everyone to read. Question: Sites have tens of thousands of documents in a hierarchy folder structure … Read More

Automation Script Template

How many times have you written an automation script and just can't figure out how to import classes using jython?  I'm no jython expert, but I can't count how many times I've googled how to format strings or concat a string and number to print to … Read More

Missing SYNONYMDOMAINS after Maximo 7.5 Upgrade

For some reason, after upgrading to Maximo 7.5 some SYNONYMDOMAINS are missing such as LINETYPE, TOOLBARICONS, and ATTEMPTRESULT.  You will see an error in the SystemOut.log for these missing values on Maximo startup.  Here is the script to insert … Read More

In depth guide to installing Maximo 7.6 for DB2

Maximo installations have come a long way since Maximo 5.2 as they have become much easier over the years.  Maximo 7.6 improves on that even more.  Here is a great detailed series on how to install Maximo 7.6: Installing Maximo 7.6: A first … Read More

Changing Maximo 7.5 User Interface… Mobile Too!

I have posted about changing the Maximo skin before.  But the question is, what are the available skins for Maximo 7.5?  Well, there are officially 3, but there is really 4.  The 4th one is for mobile.... classic (old and unsupported) … Read More

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