Getting started with Maximo Start Centers

A Maximo start center is the first screen you see right after you log in.  You have a default start center which is a grouping of modules that relate to your work and can include all of the Maximo modules or a selection of modules.  In these start … Read More

Maximo Mobile: Maximo Everyplace for iPad

Maximo Everyplace is only available for Maximo 7 and it's a mobile solution that works with iPad and iPhone.  The way it works is this.  You have to buy the mobile solution from IBM and then you have to basically duplicate all of your application, … Read More

Query Maximo ASSET web service from .NET

Here is sample code for you to download to see how to query data from Maximo web services.  In this example, it shows how to query assets and the different options you can use to do just that.  This sample code provided below works with Maximo 7. … Read More

Import locations with Maximo Integration Framework

There seems to be some trick to really getting the locations and location hierarchies to be imported into Maximo correctly with the Integration Framework.  I have tried many things to get this to work and I here is what I have come up with.  This … Read More

How to delete an item from Maximo

Here is a great tip from Alexander on how he was able to actually delete items from Maximo and skipped changing the status to OBSOLETE. He actually was able to remove the record from the Maximo database completely. … Read More

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