Your first Automation Script in Maximo 7.5

If you have used Rules Manager, QuickPick or Field Control then you are already familiar with the Automation Script in Maximo.  The Automation Script is basically a developers tool to enable you to develop custom business rules without having to … Read More

Import labor codes with Maximo Integration Framework

Once you have imported users into Maximo, the next step is to import labor codes.  This is a simple tutorial that will show how  import labor codes into Maximo with the Integration Framework.  If you are migrating users from one Maximo system to … Read More

Create a new application in Maximo

In this tutorial, I will show you what are the basic steps to creating a new application within Maximo.  This tutorial won't go into details about custom java class but it will show you what you need to do to add a new application.  For simplicity … Read More

Creating a work order with Maximo’s REST API framework

In a previous tutorial, querying data use the REST API framework is fairly straight forward and much easier to use than WSDL web services. Now the question is, how do we update or create new records using this API? This tutorial will show you how to … Read More

Creating Bar/Pie chart portlet for your Start Center

You can create KPI's for your Start Center, but first we will create pie/bar charts as they are much simpler to create.  You can create pie charts and bar charts from your results set queries that you should have already created.  These charts … Read More

Creating a result set query in Maximo

At the heart of every start center in Maximo is the result set.  This is a user defined query that you can create and save on any object you want from within Maximo.  You can create a query to return a list of workorders, assets, locations, etc. … Read More

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