Separate user interface from escalations

To improve performance for large scale environment, it is best to separate different work elements in Maximo 7 from the user interface (UI).  This example from IBM shows how to separate escalations from the UI in WebSphere.  You can then use this … Read More

WebCast: Maximo Performance Tuning and Best Practices

Audience: Customers, Level 2 & 3 Support, Services, GTS, ITD, GBS, Business Partners and Sales Abstract: This STE will cover: Maximo performance tuning, troubleshooting and best practices. Date: Dec 10, 2010 10:00 AM Eastern … Read More

Workorder and PM indexes that may help performance

The following indexes should be used in a test or development environment before using in production and may help to increase performance with regard to work orders and PMs: CREATE INDEX MAXIMO.MULTIASSETLOCCI_SNLX1 ON … Read More

BIRT reporting on a seperate server

Maximo 7 comes with BIRT automatically installed.  The problem with this is that if you have a high traffic production environment, having all reports run on the same machine can be taxing and cause performance issues.  There are a few options to … Read More

Best practices for Maximo performance

Here are some links to help with tuning your Maximo application. Search Methodologies (best practices for minimizing dat WebSphere Tuning (These parameters can cause Maximo to Browser Caching (Helps with Wide Area Network -WAN- per GZip for … Read More

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