Creating web services with the Integration Framework

Along with the many other ways to insert and retrieve data, you can create and deploy web services to be integration with third party tools, just like our workorder assignment module that allows you to quickly batch assign workorders to your labor … Read More

Screencast: Import data with XML flat files

I have already shown in detail how to export data to an XML file but this screencast will show you how to import data using XML flat files.  It will also show you how to get the XML file structure for the object you wish to import. What you will … Read More

Export data to XML files with MIF

Exporting data with the Integration Framework is a lot easier than importing data.  When importing data, we use "Enterprise Services", but for exporting data we need to use "Publish Channels".  Of course they are both based on Object Structures.  Out … Read More

Import assets and asset specifications with MIF

I have already given a simple tutorial on how to import assets with MIF using interface tables.  Now, if you want to import asset specifications as well, this is a detailed tutorial on how to do that with interface tables.  You can also download a … Read More

Maximo Integration Framework not working in verson

If you installed the fixpack and tried to run the integration framework without any success, try enabling it. The problem we were having is that a message was being recieved but was never processed and no errors ever occured. This is because … Read More

Maximo World!

Welcome to Maximo Times. All things Maximo! This blog is about all things related to IBM's Maximo Asset Management software such as Syclo Mobile, Actuate reports, Birt reports, MEA and so much more... … Read More

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