Get database specific date formats for MBO queries

One of the biggest challenges of using MBO's are queries that use date ranges or date values in general.  This is because any user can be connected to an Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 instance and they all use dates differently.  There is a class called … Read More

Create custom web services in Maximo

I found this post to be very interesting from Burak Bolek.  He talks about writing your very own custom java web service.  Will this method, you can almost do anything you want in Maximo via web services.  Very cool! … Read More

Find “Open” workorder records thru Java MBO code snippet

Just a reminder to myself that I found this nice little code snippet that we can use to find "OPEN" records through Java MBO's.  "OPEN" in this case, I would assume, is something along the lines of a workorder with at status that is in WAPPR, APPR, … Read More

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