Strategies for setting up Security Groups

I am currently in the process of reviewing security groups for one of our clients.  There are many ways to configure security because every organization is different but these simple strategies should help.  This was taken directly from the Maximo … Read More

BIRT barcode fonts

Barcoding can be useful for many things, such as putting one on a workorder details report and when the work is completed, the person at the front desk can quickly scan those barcodes and change the status of the workorder to complete.  This guide … Read More

BIRT tutorials and resources

These tutorials and resources are great for those of you who are just starting out with the development of BIRT reports. BIRT Overview BIRT Tutorial Introduction BIRT Report Examples BIRT Demo (Flash Video) BIRT "My First Report" … Read More

Configuring BIRT Designer 2.3.2 with Maximo v7.1.1.5

Maximo now uses BIRT 2.3.2, so to start developing reports for this version, you will need to install and configure the new BIRT Designer.  You can begin by reading this BIRT Report Designer 2.3.2 configuration guide for base services … Read More

Configuring BIRT Designer 2.1.2 with V7

There is a newer version of BIRT that you use with Maximo, but this document will guide you through the setting up eclipse so you can start developing BIRT reports for Maximo or lower.  If you don't have any idea what BIRT is, then … Read More

Modifying BIRT master report library

This document explains in detail how to modify the master report library for BIRT.  It focuses on page size, page orientation and page area.  By default, all the out of the box (OOB) reports are in landscape.  Personally, I don't like it in landscape … Read More

Backup and restore Maximo schema on Oracle

For those of you using Oracle and Maximo 6 or above, backing up and restoring a Maximo schema can be a pain.  If you were using SQL Server, it would take only a few minutes, depending on the size of your database.  But with Oracle, you have to jump … Read More

Maximo certification study guides

If you want to get Maximo certified, these guides are certainly helpful. Free Guides: Certification Study Guide Series: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Certification Study Guide Series: IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT V7.1\ … Read More

Maximo 7.1 Integration Framework Configuration Basics

The Integration Framework provides Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) technologies to support application services and coordination between enterprise systems and external applications. Integration can be quickly configured and … Read More

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