Maximo links of interest 2-23-2012

IBM Maximo Education Assistant Creating and using a query based report (PDF) Creating and using a query based report (Flash with audio) Adding new domains (PDF) Adding new domains (Flash with audio) Creating and using a query by … Read More

Using date ranges in BIRT reports

I have always wondered what the 'operator' field was used for in the report administration application.  When you want to use date ranges in BIRT reports, this is exact what it's used for.  Here is a link that shows how to extend QBR reports to … Read More

Add a YORN lookup in a parameter for a BIRT report

This tip from IBM Support is very useful for adding a true/false lookup dialog for a parameter on the BIRT report request dialog. In the Maximo release (and higher 7.1.1. fixpacks) and 7.5 releases, a lookup has been added for Yes or No … Read More

Everything you need to know about IBM Maximo 7.5

Here is a complete rundown of what you need to know about the latest release of Maximo Asset Management 7.5 from IBM. What's New? What's new in IBM Maximo 7.5? IBM Maximo 7.5 preview site (try it quick before IBM takes it … Read More

Maximo 7.5 report development guide

If you are already familiar with BIRT 2.3.2 then you probably don't need to read this, but if not, then you can read up on it... To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be immediately available. This … Read More

Maximo 7.5 Report Booklet

What are the out of the box reports that are delivered with Maximo 7.5? Over 140 reports are delivered in V7.5. These reports span the variety of applications, and include Analysis, Drill Down, Hierarchical, and Graphical Reports. The booklet … Read More

Can you email a report from a workflow?

Here is a question that was brought to me and it's an interesting one of course. I would assume that most places would probably find this useful especially when a PO or PR is approved and having it email a BIRT report in Maximo 7 automatically.  It … Read More

Change BIRT report logo to your company image

To me the BIRT report logos are unnecessary and take up too much valuable space on a report where the data is the most important thing on there.  But if you don't want to have the "tivoli" and "IBM" logos displayed, you can always remove them from … Read More

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