Why upgrade to Maximo 7.5?

TUC has a webcast on September 10 at 11:00 AM EST on the 10 reasons to upgrade to Maximo 7.5.  But do you really need a reason to upgrade?  Maximo 7.5 is easily the best version available.  The single best reason to upgrade is because of the … Read More

2 Ways To Find All Maximo Customizations

When working with a new client's Maximo system, the first thing you want to do is to find out all the customizations that have been done to the system.  Here are two ways to do just that, one is a SQL query and the other is a tool provided by … Read More

Maximo Links of Interests: 5-9-2013

IBM Maximo Creating New Work Groups Setting up Data Restrictions in Security Groups KPI For PO's in WAPPR Status KPI For Completed Work Orders Log Zipper View Maximo Queue Data from UI Maximo Integration Framework Maximo … Read More

IBM Maximo Fix Pack Now Available

On February 15, 2013, IBM Software released the fix pack for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset Management Essentials Download Description This product update corresponds to fixes for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset … Read More

Maximo Asset Management Upgrade Series

IBM has published a series of presentations for customers who are planning to upgrade to the latest Maximo Asset Management and SmartCloud Control Desk.  These presentations are for all add-ons to Maximo from Spatial to Linear to Service Providers … Read More

What is a Service Group in Maximo and how is it used?

Is there a specific use for the Service Group application? You would use the Service Groups application to define all the services that you provide or procure. You create a service group for each type of service that you define. - Group … Read More

Maximo links of interests 5-21-2012

Resources Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (add-ons) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (home) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (systems) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources … Read More

IBM’s Newest Request For Enhancement (RFE) System

Enhancement requests are done a bit differently now due to the nature of the RFE tool and the open communications within the Community, we want the client to control the privacy of their RFE and to communicate directly with the IBM Product Management … Read More

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