IBM withdraws from Actuate support for Maximo products

IBM has announced that it will stop support for Actuate and no longer provide updates for their media.  The official date is October 1, 2010 where IBM will no longer offer Actuate media or updates to the Actuate software.  IBM will continue to … Read More

Debugging BIRT reports

Debugging BIRT reports can be a pain if you don't know where to start looking.  You can't set breakpoints in your report and step through your javascript code, but this code snippet will help with all your report writing needs. … Read More

Create report button (QBR) in Maximo 7

I recently got a chance to quickly play around with the Create Report button or Query Based Reports (QBR) in Maximo 7.  At first look, creating a QBR report can be a bit daunting, but it's actually quite easy to use.  This feature is very powerful … Read More

BIRT onDemand and BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone

Today Actuate brings us BIRT onDemand and BIRT Mobile Viewer for the iPhone.  These applications allow users to view BIRT generated content on the iPhone or iPod Touch. BIRT Mobile Viewer Delivers Rich, Interactive Content For Enterprise Users on … Read More

Dynamically change the file name of a BIRT output report

I have been looking for this functionality for a while and now I have finally found it. This feature is available for BIRT 2.3.1, which means you will have to have Maximo or above installed as it comes with BIRT 2.3.2. You will have to write … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 6 Actuate Overview

Since we are on the topic of report with Maximo, I figured some of you might still be on Maximo 6, so here is a webcast provided by IBM on Actuate 8. Audience: Level 2 & 3 Support, GTS,GBS, Business Partners This STE will cover : - … Read More

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