Advanced Date SQL Queries in Maximo


Date queries in general can be difficult to handle in SQL.  Not only do you have to think about the syntax for both SQL Server and Oracle but to do "simple" queries like "get all approved work orders this week" isn't that easy.  Hopefully these will … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 6-25-2012

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IBM Maximo Education Assistant Overview (V7.1) Maximo log types (PDF) Maximo log types (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (PDF) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7 Logging … Read More

Add Failure Reporting to Work Order through MIF

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Forum member Madd0g17 has posted a solution to setup an object structure that will allow you to add failure codes to a work order through the Maximo Integration Framework.  Here is his solution: You can either adapt the MXWO object structure or … Read More

Understanding Maximo Mbo’s and MboSet’s

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Bruno has a great series on Maximo Java customization's and if you are just getting started with Maximo MBO's, then understanding Mbo's and MboSet's is a good write up to get you started with that.  Very good read...  Also, have a look at extending … Read More

Create a custom dialog to email a BIRT report

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This tutorial on "How To Create A Custom Dialog Box In Maximo Allowing User To Email BIRT Report" comes from Daniel Ng and it's probably one of the best, if not the best Maximo tutorials out there, even better than mine!  I have to give credit where … Read More