Launch In Context How To’s


What is "launch in context"?  It is a feature that lets you take the current record you are viewing and take certain values from the object and launch a URL.  For example, if you are viewing a workorder, you can add a hyperlink button somewhere on … Read More

Maintaining your Maximo system

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We all know the reason for any company to purchase an EAM product like Maximo.  It's because they want to be able to maintain their assets and keep them in top physical shape.  You create PM programs for your assets so they staying running extended … Read More

Maximo Conditional Expression How To’s

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These tips come from Bruno and are really useful.  Here are some tutorials that I particularly like: Find all references to a conditional expression How to hide a field using conditional expressions How to change the color of a field using … Read More

Free Giveaway: IBM Pulse 2012 Laptop Bag


IBM Pulse 2012 was a lot of fun and we got a lot of interest but it's good to be back home.  Today, I am giving away two (2)  laptop bags from Pulse.  To enter, just leave a comment below telling us why you love Maximo Times or even why you hate us. … Read More

IBM Pulse 2012 Here we come…

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Today we are leaving for IBM Pulse 2012.  If you are gonna be there, please stop by our EZMaxMobile booth at E115 and come just to say Hi.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet you guys.... … Read More