What is the ‘additionalevent’ attribute?


The 'additionalevent' and 'additionaleventvalue' are attributes that you can use to tell Maximo what event to call and what are the parameter to pass to that event.  For example, you can automatically load the workorder tracking application just by … Read More

Separate user interface from escalations

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To improve performance for large scale environment, it is best to separate different work elements in Maximo 7 from the user interface (UI).  This example from IBM shows how to separate escalations from the UI in WebSphere.  You can then use this … Read More

Change the field size in Maximo 6


I recently ran into an issue where a client wanted to change the field size in Maximo 6.2 when they are in the list view of a module.  I found this nice article from IBM that shows how to do just that.  This tell you that you can modify the file … Read More

Configuring conditional security in Maximo

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Here are a couple flash videos with audio from IBM support that show how to setup some conditional security. This first video shows how to configure required fields using attribute restrictions.  In this example, a required field is needed when … Read More

Query Maximo ASSET web service from .NET


Here is sample code for you to download to see how to query data from Maximo web services.  In this example, it shows how to query assets and the different options you can use to do just that.  This sample code provided below works with Maximo 7. … Read More

Automatically save a record in Maximo


Have you ever used a module such as the Work Order Tracking and made changes in one tab then switch to another tab and forget to save your changes?  Well, here is a neat little trick to automatically save a record in Maximo.  It works by kicking of a … Read More

Rugged devices for EZMaxMobile


Some companies require that they get rugged device to do anything mobile for whatever the reason and an iPhone isn't rugged of course, so what are the best phones to use with EZMaxMobile?  Here are your options... [EZMaxMobile] … Read More

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