Calendar input shortcuts

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Here is an interesting shortcut.  If you have a field on the screen that uses a calendar, such as the target start date, you may dread using the calendar popup or don't want to type in the whole current date into the field itself.  Well, Maximo has a … Read More

Enable labor transaction future actual dates


Some of you may have seen the dialog message, "Actual Dates May Not Be In The Future", when you try to enter labor hours that are considered future dates.  This is the default functionality of Maximo, but there is a way to disable it if you want to.  … Read More

Monitoring License Compliance in Maximo 7

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I've always been curious as to how IBM monitors user licenses in Maximo 7... Abstract Maximo base services provide a number of tools that allow clients to self-monitor license compliance. These tools are part of the system and do not require … Read More