Maximo and Cognos integration


If you have Maximo then you can use Cognos with Maximo.  Here are some helpful links to setting that up. Maximo Cognos Integration Installation Maximo Cognos Integration … Read More

Setup an Integration Object for Inbound Failure codes

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If you have gone through the process of importing data with MIF, you may have noticed that there is not integration object for failure codes.  When I was importing data, I didn't have to worry too much about it because I didn't have that many failure … Read More

Delete an item from Item Master in Maximo 7


OK, the title of this post might be a bit misleading, but in Maximo 7, you can't actually delete items from the Item Master.  This is not a bug and it's actually meant to be this way.  In order to "delete" an item, you basically just have to change … Read More

An improved Maximo Assignment Manager

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If you have used the built in Maximo Assignment Manager module, you probably wanted to pick up your computer and throw it out the window. In my opinion, the assignment manager module and far from being user friendly and all it's meant to do is … Read More

Extending Maximo 7 Business Objects


At times it is necessary to override or extend the functionality in core MAXIMO. This can be achieved by 'extending' methods in the Maximo business objects. The following section outlines the process involved in extending the add() method in the … Read More

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