Maximo 6.2.5 fix pack now available

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On September 28, 2009, IBM released the Maximo 6.2.5 fixpack. Product Support recommends that you carefully review all materials below prior to applying this product update. This fixpack is critical to ensure that your Maximo 6 system is properly … Read More

Strategies for setting up Security Groups

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I am currently in the process of reviewing security groups for one of our clients.  There are many ways to configure security because every organization is different but these simple strategies should help.  This was taken directly from the Maximo … Read More

BIRT barcode fonts


Barcoding can be useful for many things, such as putting one on a workorder details report and when the work is completed, the person at the front desk can quickly scan those barcodes and change the status of the workorder to complete.  This guide … Read More

BIRT reporting on a seperate server

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Maximo 7 comes with BIRT automatically installed.  The problem with this is that if you have a high traffic production environment, having all reports run on the same machine can be taxing and cause performance issues.  There are a few options to … Read More

BIRT tutorials and resources


These tutorials and resources are great for those of you who are just starting out with the development of BIRT reports. BIRT Overview BIRT Tutorial Introduction BIRT Report Examples BIRT Demo (Flash Video) BIRT "My First Report" … Read More

Create Work Types in Maximo


This seems like a simple one, but if you are new to Maximo, finding the right place to add new work types can be bit of a pain. To create new work types, you must go into the Organization module: Go to the Organizations application and select … Read More

Auto Login in Maximo 7


Did you know that you can bypass the login page with the auto login feature?  Didn't know that there was an auto login feature?  Well, there is.  To bypass the login page, simply enter this URL into the address … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 6 Actuate Overview


Since we are on the topic of report with Maximo, I figured some of you might still be on Maximo 6, so here is a webcast provided by IBM on Actuate 8. Audience: Level 2 & 3 Support, GTS,GBS, Business Partners This STE will cover : - … Read More

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