Export data to XML files with MIF


Exporting data with the Integration Framework is a lot easier than importing data.  When importing data, we use "Enterprise Services", but for exporting data we need to use "Publish Channels".  Of course they are both based on Object Structures.  Out … Read More

Maximo upgrade resources

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Are you thinking of upgrading Maximo?  Here are some great resources for you to look at.  Of course, you can always contact us to upgrade your Maximo for you.  In the meantime, check out our upgrade project for MGH, which is an upgrade from Maximo … Read More

Change location/asset drilldown limit


Have you been in the location or asset drilldown dialog box and seen the node "...This level has reached the set display limit..."? That is because the drilldown limit for child nodes is set to 50. You can change this limit to 5 or even 200. This is … Read More

Extra fields vs Crossover fields

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In Maximo, you can use extra fields to store extra data and crossover fields is just an added functionality.  For example, in the asset table, there are extra fields such as eq1, eq2... and so forth.  These fields are there for you to use at your own … Read More

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