Success Stories

University of California San Francisco Achieves Maximo Mobility Goals with EZMaxMobile

University of California San Francisco has been using Maximo and EZMaxMobile to manage their two major sites (its hospital and university campus) since 2014. With the implementation of EZMaxMobile, the university has seen a significant improvement in engineer productivity. UCSF’s 400 engineers use EZMaxMobile daily to complete PMs and work orders across the university’s major sites. Following success at the first two sites, UCSF will be expanding Maximo and EZMaxMobile to a new site, the Oakland Hospital, in spring of 2022.


  • UCSF was looking to implement a mobile solution for Maximo that could help them better respond to urgent customer requests in a hospital environment.
  • The mobile solution should be easy to use for engineers who aren’t tech savvy.
  • The solution should be easy to configure and let engineers work without data connectivity in offline mode.

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