Success Stories

EZMaxMobile helps Skookum employees realize their full potential.

Skookum is a nonprofit organization that employs people with disabilities to provide logistics and facilities services for a range of clients in government and private industry.

Because Skookum is committed to helping its employees fulfill their potential, the organization chose EZMaxMobile™ to help their technicians achieve greater success in the field. Their goal was to eliminate paper and alleviate the burden of administrative work.

“EZMaxMobile’s capabilities go way beyond anything we saw, and the user experience is far superior,” said Rob Potter, CIO, Vice President Business Systems.

Push notifications and real-time communications have made an enormous difference in helping Skookum technicians complete jobs with greater confidence and efficiency.

“For instance, if a technician has an attention deficit disability, we can now walk that person through a job step by step, leading to greater satisfaction all around,” said John Iafrati, Programmer Analyst.

Skookum has also created a series of innovative eforms that are particularly easy for technicians to use, most requiring simple check marks to complete. In addition to eliminating paper, these forms support workers who might have difficulties writing or spelling.

The cumulative impact of adopting EZMaxMobile and these new tools is that Skookum has been able to take on additional work for its customers—a huge gain for everyone.

“Our customers have complete visibility into our system so that they can evaluate our performance every step of the way. This makes us particularly proud that our clients at Fort Lee gave us a perfect score for customer satisfaction—an almost unheard of rating,” said Potter.