Questions from our webinar, 5 Benefits of Mobilizing Maximo Inspection Forms

Last week InterPro hosted a webinar, 5 Benefits of Mobilizing Maximo Inspection Forms. Zach Rose our Director of Technical Services discussed how to make the most of Inspection Forms and best practices for taking them mobile. If you are interested in receiving a video recording of our webinar, please feel free to email us.

We had a lot of great questions submitted by attendees. While we did not have time to answer every single question, we have compiled them along with the corresponding answer. The questions are broken up by topic: General Inspection Forms, Work Orders, Conditional Questions, and Meter Readings.

General Inspection Forms

Can you initiate inspections by scanning inspection type barcodes?

Yes, this is possible through a customization to EZMaxMobile.

Can you have two or more people filling out an inspection form at the same time?

You could do this, but you’ll likely end up with users stepping over each other’s data and responses. The better approach would be to split one form into multiple forms and associate each form to their own unique task on a Work Order. Then, you could assign specific tasks to specific users. EZMaxMobile and Maximo allow for grouping of Forms on one Work Order. This grouping feature is available in Maximo version

For the “My Inspections” query, what field is used to determine who the Inspection Form is assigned to?

This was just a demo query that uses the LEAD field to determine the assignee. Outside of our demo mode, you can use any assignment method Maximo offers.

Are Inspection Forms only available in 7.6.1 of Maximo?

Inspection Forms are available starting in version of Maximo and version 5.4.0 of EZMaxMobile.

How can you add a digital signature to the Inspection Form?

If you put a “Text Response” question on a form, and select a special identifier in the Description of the Question, EZMaxMobile will know to turn that field into a digital signature. The signature gets stored in the IMGLIB table of Maximo and is uniquely associated to the INSPFIELDRESULT table in Maximo.

Are Inspection Forms supported in offline mode out of the box?

Yes, EZMaxMobile is the only mobile solution to support Maximo Inspection Forms both online and offline.

What functions are available when “actions are required?”

Currently, actions are not supported in EZMaxMobile. Actions will be supported in an upcoming release in early 2020.

How much does it cost to add Inspection Forms if I already have EZMaxMobile?

Before adding on Inspection Forms, you need to make sure you’re on Maximo or higher and EZMaxMobile 5.4.0. If you’re on a lower version of EZMaxMobile and would like to upgrade, please reach out to your point of contact at InterPro for more information.

Work Orders

Are Inspection Forms attached to a work order? Or is this intended to replace inspection work orders?

Inspection Forms can be associated directly to a Work Order or they can be tied to a Job Plan which is then associated with a Preventative Maintenance (PM).

Is it possible for the follow up to generate service requests instead of work orders?

Yes, this is possible in EZMaxMobile.

Is the technician allowed to assign a Follow-Up Work Order?

Yes, this is possible to do in EZMaxMobile.

Is the Follow-Up Work Order using the autoscript you define on an inspection or is it creating a follow-up work order that is available out of the box?

In the current version of EZMaxMobile, it’s not using the AutoScript that you can define on an Inspection, it’s using the out of the box EZMaxMobile follow-up action.

do you need to wait for the green check mark to appear before creating a follow-up work order? does the inspection form create a relationship between work orders as well?

Yes, you need to complete the form prior to creating a Follow-Up Work Order. However, this could be adjusted on the EZMaxMobile side to support follow-up creation prior to completion of the form. And yes, this creates a Follow-Up Work Order, so they are all tied back to the parent.

Is it possible to assign multiple inspections to one work order?

Yes, Maximo and EZMaxMobile support grouping related Inspection Forms on one Work Order. This feature is available in Maximo version

Conditional Questions

Do conditional questions in inspection forms work in offline mode as well?

Yes, conditional questions work in online and offline mode.

Is it possible to use conditional logic for Maximo fields as well as questions?

In the context of Inspection Forms, conditional logic is only for questions, not Maximo fields. Specifically, against questions that have a single response option.

Meter Readings

Do meter reading questions through inspection forms associate with the asset and meter in the Asset Application?

Yes, a meter reading taken through Inspection Forms is no different than executing that reading through the Asset Application in Maximo.

If an asset has several associated meters, but not all are relevant to the inspection, is it possible to only include one or two of the associated meters in the inspection?

Yes, this is configurable through the Manage Inspection Forms module in Maximo.

Can you have a meter reading with thresholds that require follow-up on work?

Yes, meter readings entered through Inspection Forms will use standard Conditional Monitoring logic if it’s built in Maximo.

If you have any further questions about Inspection Forms or EZMaxMobile, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 781.213.1166.

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