New IBM Education Assistant Tutorials

Here are the newest IBM Education Assistant Content: Work order management (V7.5) - This is IBM Education Assistant content for IBM Maximo® Asset Management V7.5 covering this subject: Work order management. There are 2 items. One is in Adobe … Read More

Work order operations are now tasks – FAQ

Here is an explanation from IBM about how Maximo handles work orders, work order hierarchies, and work order operations [via IBM Support] From the user's perspective, very little has changed in the existing work order functionality between Maximo 4 … Read More

Getting started with Maximo Start Centers

A Maximo start center is the first screen you see right after you log in. You have a default start center which is a grouping of modules that relate to your work and can include all of the Maximo modules or a selection of modules. In these start … Read More

EZMaxMobile Full Video Walk Through on an iPhone

Here is a full video demo of our EZMaxMobile solution on an iPhone which shows creating a new workorder, changing that status, adding failure codes, labor hours, and materials and even upload and attach a photo in real time. You can also see our new … Read More

Dynamic saved queries in Maximo

Here is a nice little trick for your saved queries where you can dynamically build the where clause based on the user that is logged in.  … Read More

Show default craft of lead person on the workorder

In Maximo 4.1.1, you used to be able to select a laborcode or craft on a workorder. Now in Maximo 6 and 7, you can't even select either one. You now have to select a person ID for the lead field on the workorder. I am not completely sure why IBM got … Read More

Screencast: WebAssign – Workorder Assignment Module

Here is a quick demo of our WebAssign solution that allows you to quickly batch assign and reassign workorders.  To read more, click here.  We are always looking for some feedback, so if you find this module useful, please leave a … Read More