Send email notification for SR

Here is a nice visual tutorial from IBM showing you how to send emails to the owner of the SR group when certainly conditions are met using a workflow.  [IBM Support] … Read More

EZMaxMobile Full Video Walk Through on an iPhone

Here is a full video demo of our EZMaxMobile solution on an iPhone which shows creating a new workorder, changing that status, adding failure codes, labor hours, and materials and even upload and attach a photo in real time. You can also see our new … Read More

Maximo Email Approval

How many of you would be interested in a solution that gave you the ability to approve work orders or whatever thru emails?  This is how it would work.  Maximo will send out emails based on certain criteria, let's say a work order that is in WAPPR … Read More

Tutorial requests forum

I have started a new forum for tutorial request.  Please post any requests that you would like to see and I will try my best to make one for you.  To submit a request, please go to the Tutorial Request Forum. … Read More

Maximo links of interest 7-28-2010

MEA/MIF: Flatfile for Integration import should be encoded as UTF-8 BIRT/Reports: PDF Report Missing Content Configuration of BIRT's path for barcode fonts Adding hidden report parameters in 7x Workflow: Workflow worked at … Read More

Change canvas size in workflow designer

If you have used the workflow designer, you know as much as anyone that the canvas size is too small to be really useful.  Here is a tip to make that workflow canvas size bigger. … Read More