End of Support (EOS) for Maximo 7.1

On September 10, 2013, support for IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.1x and it's corresponding components was announced via IBM Announcement Letter #913-179 Effective April 30, 2015, fixes, patches, and telephone support are no longer provided for … Read More

Change to delivery process for scheduled interim fixes

IBM is changing how they send out "Interim Fixes" as they are now called instead of "Cumulative Hot Fix". Abstract To better align with the IBM Tivoli process, scheduled interim fixes for IBM Maximo Asset Management will adopt the 'current … Read More

Add a relationship to a result set portlet in Maximo 7

Here is a nice little tip for when you create a result set portlet, let's say for a list of workorders that are assigned to the current user, and you want to add a related column to the result set.  For example, you want the result set to show the … Read More

Maximo 7.5 and Cognos Integration Installation

IBM has provided us with a document to guide us through the Cognos installation with Maximo 7.5. You will need an IBM ID to view it though. [IBM Support] Within the Maximo® Base Services 7.5 Releases, an IBM Cognos ® Reporting Integration is … Read More

IBM Corrected APARs in the upcoming Maximo 6.2.8

Here is a link to the a list of APAR's fixed in the upcoming release which is scheduled for June 15th, 2011. Please review the attached file for the current list of corrected issues included in the Maximo Base Services 6.2.8 fix pack This update … Read More

WebCast: IBM Domains Application

Abstract Audience: Customers, Level 2 & 3 Support, Services, GTS, ITD, GBS, Business Partners and Sales Abstract: This STE will cover: - Domain types - Example usage - Demo - Reference. Date: June 24, 2011 10:00 AM Eastern … Read More

Add STATUS field to ITEMS in Maximo 6

One of the big differences in Maximo 6 and 7 is that they added the ability to set the status on an ITEM in Maximo 7.  A lot of people are wondering how they can achieve this same functionality in Maximo 6, so here is a tip that can you do just that. … Read More

What’s new in IBM Maximo v7.5?

IBM has released Maximo v7.5, so here is a quick rundown of what's new in this version.  The biggest thing I see so far is the PM forecasting capabilities.  Preventive maintenance forecasting gives users the ability to see future PM requirements such … Read More

Run an .exe file from an Escalation in Maximo

This is a nice little trick to run an .exe file from an escalation.  The possibilities are endless with this.  This document shows how to run an executable that is hosted on the administrative workstation from an escalation.  This document is too … Read More

Maximo 7.5 Report Booklet

What are the out of the box reports that are delivered with Maximo 7.5? Over 140 reports are delivered in V7.5. These reports span the variety of applications, and include Analysis, Drill Down, Hierarchical, and Graphical Reports. The booklet … Read More

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