Screencast: Working with Maximo Mbo and MboSet’s

In this screencast, I will show you some code examples of how you can use the Mbo and MboSet objects that will get you started with Maximo MBO development. You will understand how to query objects using a QBE (Query by Example) and different ways of … Read More

ScreenCast: Invoke Maximo 6 Query/Response Web Service

This year I have made a new resolution to create some more great screencasts and how to videos for you guys. Hopefully this is a start to a great new year. This screencast video will show you how to consume Maximo 6 query/response web services … Read More

EZMaxMobile Full Video Walk Through on an iPhone

Here is a full video demo of our EZMaxMobile solution on an iPhone which shows creating a new workorder, changing that status, adding failure codes, labor hours, and materials and even upload and attach a photo in real time. You can also see our new … Read More

First Impression: Maximo Everyplace

Maximo Everyplace is now available as a free trial.  You can download it and start using Maximo from an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.  Sorry Blackberry users, you're out of luck on this one.  Unless you happen to have Blackberry 6.0, then it … Read More

Maximo Asset Management v7.1 Education Assistant

I found this great IBM support site that has a few short flash demos/tutorials for doing various tasks in Maximo 7.  Here is the complete list of flash videos. How to edit screens in Application Designer How to add objects and attributes … Read More

Screencasts Now in HD!

I have upgraded the screencast, so now you can watch them in its HD glory! Import data with XML flat files Import users and user passwords with MIF WebAssign - Work Order Assignment Module … Read More

Screencast: Import data with XML flat files

I have already shown in detail how to export data to an XML file but this screencast will show you how to import data using XML flat files.  It will also show you how to get the XML file structure for the object you wish to import. What you will … Read More

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