Run Maximo BIRT reports locally

When it comes to BIRT reports, Jason Verly (@mygeekdaddy) is probably one to get guidance from on the web.  His latest post on how to run Maximo BIRT report tools locally is another great in depth tutorial. … Read More

BIRT Designer 3.7.1 Development Guide

With the recent update in Maximo, the BIRT engine has been upgraded.  Here is the newest development guide or view the PDF.  If you need the guide for Maximo version to you can go here or for Maximo version 7.1 you can go … Read More

Modifying the look of Maximo QBR Reports

One of the common questions posed by Maximo administrators is, 'How do I modify the QBR template?' The question makes perfect sense because once a QBR report is created in Maximo, it can be scheduled to run like a standard BIRT report or exported as … Read More

Create a custom dialog to email a BIRT report

This tutorial on "How To Create A Custom Dialog Box In Maximo Allowing User To Email BIRT Report" comes from Daniel Ng and it's probably one of the best, if not the best Maximo tutorials out there, even better than mine!  I have to give credit where … Read More

Date Formatting in BIRT

Jason Verly is a great contributor in the Tivoli User Community and he has a great tip on using date formats in BIRT.  You can follow him on Twitter @mygeekdaddy or read updates on his website. … Read More

Maximo links of interests 5-21-2012

Resources Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (add-ons) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (home) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (systems) Maximo Asset Management Support Resources … Read More

Using date ranges in BIRT reports

I have always wondered what the 'operator' field was used for in the report administration application.  When you want to use date ranges in BIRT reports, this is exact what it's used for.  Here is a link that shows how to extend QBR reports to … Read More

WebCast: Using BIRT Reports with Maximo 6.2.x

This STE walks the Maximo administrator through the set up of BIRT reports on Maximo 6.26 through 6.28. Date: November 15, 2011 10:00 AM Eastern US Presented by: Ed Maxwell Content This is the presentation file used for the live … Read More

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