Advanced Date SQL Queries in Maximo

Date queries in general can be difficult to handle in SQL.  Not only do you have to think about the syntax for both SQL Server and Oracle but to do "simple" queries like "get all approved work orders this week" isn't that easy.  Hopefully these will … Read More

Maximo SQL Injection

This is an interesting property that applies to Maximo 7.1 This is when users manipulate data entry fields to execute malicious SQL statements. Maximo dynamically prepares SQL statements so in almost every attribute this is not an issue. There are a … Read More

End of support for Oracle WebLogic

Along with the withdrawal of Actuate media support, IBM has announced that it will end support for Oracle's WebLogic, formerly BEA WebLogic on April 25th, 2011.  Read more... … Read More

Best practices for Maximo performance

Here are some links to help with tuning your Maximo application. Search Methodologies (best practices for minimizing dat WebSphere Tuning (These parameters can cause Maximo to Browser Caching (Helps with Wide Area Network -WAN- per GZip for … Read More

Backup and restore Maximo schema on Oracle

For those of you using Oracle and Maximo 6 or above, backing up and restoring a Maximo schema can be a pain.  If you were using SQL Server, it would take only a few minutes, depending on the size of your database.  But with Oracle, you have to jump … Read More

Maximo links of interest

List of featured documents for IBM Maximo Asset Management: Parameters to improve performance using WebSphere 6.0.2.x (1261874) Maximo 6.x and WebSphere recommendations for performance improvements relating to memory use. LDAP Troubleshooting … Read More