EZMaxMobile ROI

By moving to a mobile solution a company can easily realize a significant return on investment (ROI) because of several positive factors associated with implementing a mobile solution for Maximo, especially EZMaxMobile: Reduce the printing of … Read More

Why does IBM want you to use two Maximo mobile solutions?

In 2010, IBM released Maximo Everyplace which is a tool that helps mobilize your workforce on mobile devices such as iPhone's and iPad's as well as Android devices.  It requires a persistent wireless connection to the server, which means there are no … Read More

IBM InterConnect 2015 Maximo Mobile Sessions

MTV-3278: How IBM Maximo and EZMaxMobile Streamline the Flow of Information at SandRidge Energy This presentation highlights how SandRidge Energy creatively uses IBM Maximo and the mobility solution, EZMaxMobile, to streamline the flow of … Read More

Rugged Tablets for EZMaxMobile

EZMaxMobile is a cross platform Maximo Mobile solution and in some cases, an unprotected iPad isn't going to cut it in the field.  Here comes a great rugged solution, check out the video where he throws it 20 yards!! [Glacier Computer] … Read More

Changing Maximo 7.5 User Interface… Mobile Too!

I have posted about changing the Maximo skin before.  But the question is, what are the available skins for Maximo 7.5?  Well, there are officially 3, but there is really 4.  The 4th one is for mobile.... classic (old and unsupported) … Read More

Maximo Links of Interests 5-15-2014

Email Use Email Interaction Setup to Change Status Automation Scripts Sending Email From Maximo using Automation/Rhino Script Maximo 7.5 - Use button with Automation Script Maximo LDAP Setup Maximo and LDAP - Configuration … Read More

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