What’s the best way to make a field required in Maximo?

Here is a quick thought I want to put into your head.  There are so many ways to do just this in Maximo, but what are the best ways and what are the affects of doing it a certain way? Database Configuration If you make a field required in the … Read More

Quick Tip: On-the-fly MboSet relationships

At the heart of Maximo Java development is the MBO and at the heart of the MBO are the relationships between one object and another. Bruno has a great write up on MBO relationships to get a better understanding of how relationships work. For the … Read More

Screencast: Working with Maximo Mbo and MboSet’s

In this screencast, I will show you some code examples of how you can use the Mbo and MboSet objects that will get you started with Maximo MBO development. You will understand how to query objects using a QBE (Query by Example) and different ways of … Read More

Understanding Maximo Mbo’s and MboSet’s

Bruno has a great series on Maximo Java customization's and if you are just getting started with Maximo MBO's, then understanding Mbo's and MboSet's is a good write up to get you started with that.  Very good read...  Also, have a look at extending … Read More

Get database specific date formats for MBO queries

One of the biggest challenges of using MBO's are queries that use date ranges or date values in general.  This is because any user can be connected to an Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 instance and they all use dates differently.  There is a class called … Read More

Query data with the Maximo REST API

The Maximo REST API is something really cool and really useful. I have spent a little time playing with it and it's much easier to use than the MIF web services and SOAP. Although the integration framework is still useful in terms of importing data … Read More

Exclusive Look: Maximo REST web service API

Here is an exclusive look at what I've found within Maximo's integration framework. You won't find this anywhere else on the web as this stuff is not documented by IBM for Maximo. The REST API can be found in Maximo versions and up … Read More

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