IBM Offering Information

I just found this cool site, have you ever wanted to know what are all the software packages that IBM is offering?  Look no further, click here.... … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 3-12-2014

IBM Pulse Videos: General Session: Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business- Day 1 General Session: Think It. Build It. Tap into It - Day 2 General Session: … Read More

New IBM Education Assistant Tutorials

Here are the newest IBM Education Assistant Content: Work order management (V7.5) - This is IBM Education Assistant content for IBM Maximo® Asset Management V7.5 covering this subject: Work order management. There are 2 items. One is in Adobe … Read More

Understanding Maximo URL parameters

With Maximo URL's, you can link directly to a work order from an external application, but Maximo URL's are much more powerful than that.  Here is a complete round up of posts from IBM and Bruno to help you understand all the attributes available to … Read More

Maximo links of interest 9-18-2012

IBM Education Assistant Using admin mode - [PDF] - [Flash w/audio] IBM Support Assistant Lite collector - [PDF] - [Flash w/audio] Creating and using request for quotation (RFQ) - [PDF] - [Flash w/audio] Troubleshooting Maximo … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 8-30-2012

Escalations Setting up an Escalation to automatically inactivate users BIRT Fixing Top 3 BIRT Annoyances – Part 2 Java Rapid Java class deployment on WebSphere Java MBO performance optimization golden rules MBO Performance … Read More

Import MATUSETRANS with Maximo Integration Framework

Here is another great in depth tutorial from Daniel Ng on importing MATUSETRANS data with MIF...  His "blog" doesn't have any RSS feeds, so Daniel, if you are reading this... add it your site so we can keep updated regularly! … Read More

Advanced Date SQL Queries in Maximo

Date queries in general can be difficult to handle in SQL.  Not only do you have to think about the syntax for both SQL Server and Oracle but to do "simple" queries like "get all approved work orders this week" isn't that easy.  Hopefully these will … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 6-25-2012

IBM Maximo Education Assistant Overview (V7.1) Maximo log types (PDF) Maximo log types (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (PDF) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7 Logging … Read More

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