Import data with Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)

The new Maximo Integration Framework, formerly known as Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA), makes it easy to import data. I will show you how you can import data into Maximo from an interface table. First, if you would like email notifications on … Read More

Import/Export data with MxLoader by Bruno Portaluri

Bruno from IBM Maximo Customization and Development has the best import/export tool I've ever seen.  You can use Microsoft Excel to query and sync data to Maximo/SCCD through the MIF with a very simple and easy to use interface.  This excel tool is … Read More

Exporting Data via Event Listener with Child Objects

Did you know that you can export data from Maximo based on some event automatically?  Of course you did, but did you know that in Maximo 7.5 there is a new feature setting called 'event propagation'? It allows you to export data based on when a child … Read More

Retrieving and Posting data to Maximo REST Web Services

Maximo has always had web services that are available for use was limited to XML but now recently in Maximo 7.5, IBM has expanded it's capabilities to work with JSON data. What is JSON? Just like XML, it is a universal human readable format that … Read More

What’s the best way to make a field required in Maximo?

Here is a quick thought I want to put into your head.  There are so many ways to do just this in Maximo, but what are the best ways and what are the affects of doing it a certain way? Database Configuration If you make a field required in the … Read More

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