In depth guide to installing Maximo 7.6 for DB2

Maximo installations have come a long way since Maximo 5.2 as they have become much easier over the years.  Maximo 7.6 improves on that even more.  Here is a great detailed series on how to install Maximo 7.6: Installing Maximo 7.6: A first … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 3-12-2014

IBM Pulse Videos: General Session: Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business- Day 1 General Session: Think It. Build It. Tap into It - Day 2 General Session: … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 7.5 Installation

Audience: All Level Support, Services, GTS, Business Partners, Customers This STE will cover: - Maximo 7.5 architecture and installation process Date: September 11, 2012 10:00 AM Eastern US Time Presented by: Darlene Nerden and Jonathan … Read More

IBM Maximo e-mail approval product

IBM has released a CTP of their newest e-mail approval product for Maximo.  If you are familiar with Createch and their Blackberry email approval solution for Maximo, then you will know that this is basically the same idea. IBM Maximo® for E-mail is … Read More

Maximo fix pack 6.2.7 now available

On September 15, 2010, IBM released the Maximo 6.2.7 fixpack. Product Support recommends that you carefully review all materials below prior to applying this product update. Download Description This fixpack is critical to ensure that your Maximo … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 7 Installation

Audience: Customers, Level 2 & 3 Support, Services, GTS, ITD, GBS, Business Partners and Sales Abstract: This STE will cover: - Understanding of Maximo 7 installation components - Maximo 7 installion process - Fix Pack installation - … Read More

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