In depth guide to installing Maximo 7.6 for DB2

Maximo installations have come a long way since Maximo 5.2 as they have become much easier over the years.  Maximo 7.6 improves on that even more.  Here is a great detailed series on how to install Maximo 7.6: Installing Maximo 7.6: A first … Read More

Migration Manager Documents

Migration Manager Guide: Migration Manager Redbook: Migration Manager … Read More

Change or modify the Go To menu application positions

We can already add custom modules to main Go To dropdown menu, but here are two tutorials from IBM on how to re-position the menu items with detailed instructions on updating the backend database to achieve what you want. Changing Application … Read More

Add custom modules to the main Go To menu

As some of you may know, the only way you can add new modules in Maximo is to duplicate an application such as Work Order Tracking from within Application Designer in order for it to show up in the 'Go To' drop down menu.  But it doesn't really show … Read More

Getting started with Maximo Start Centers

A Maximo start center is the first screen you see right after you log in. You have a default start center which is a grouping of modules that relate to your work and can include all of the Maximo modules or a selection of modules. In these start … Read More

Add Attachment to any Application

Have you wanted to add an attachment option to the Location application or any application for that matter?  The following instructions were written to add the attachment function to a new application from IBM.  [IBM Support] … Read More

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