IBM Maximo e-mail approval product

IBM has released a CTP of their newest e-mail approval product for Maximo.  If you are familiar with Createch and their Blackberry email approval solution for Maximo, then you will know that this is basically the same idea. IBM Maximo® for E-mail is … Read More

Maximo Mobile: Maximo Everyplace for iPad

Maximo Everyplace is only available for Maximo 7 and it's a mobile solution that works with iPad and iPhone.  The way it works is this.  You have to buy the mobile solution from IBM and then you have to basically duplicate all of your application, … Read More

Maximo 7.5 Report Booklet

What are the out of the box reports that are delivered with Maximo 7.5? Over 140 reports are delivered in V7.5. These reports span the variety of applications, and include Analysis, Drill Down, Hierarchical, and Graphical Reports. The booklet … Read More

FREE EZMaxMobile Contest

It's now official, InterPro Solutions will be giving away a FREE EZMaxMobile engine while we at IBM Pulse 2011. Contest will be available to all those who attend the show and you must have a valid IBM Maximo license to enter. I don't have too much … Read More

Winners announced for Maximo Times 2010 Giveaway

Here are the winners for our 2010 giveaway! Maximo Times 1 month subscription: Liz Ruana (via Newsletter) Ben Kaufman (via Newsletter) Peter Eterno (via Newsletter) Maximo Times 1 year subscription: c0ldeath (via Twitter) … Read More

Maximo Everyplace is now available with a Free Trial!

Maximo Everyplace is now available to purchase but before you do, you can go ahead and download a free trial version first. You get 90 days to play with it before it expires.  That should be plenty of time for me to review it and give you guys some … Read More