Getting started with Maximo Start Centers

A Maximo start center is the first screen you see right after you log in. You have a default start center which is a grouping of modules that relate to your work and can include all of the Maximo modules or a selection of modules. In these start … Read More

Run an .exe file from an Escalation in Maximo

This is a nice little trick to run an .exe file from an escalation.  The possibilities are endless with this.  This document shows how to run an executable that is hosted on the administrative workstation from an escalation.  This document is too … Read More

Separate user interface from escalations

To improve performance for large scale environment, it is best to separate different work elements in Maximo 7 from the user interface (UI).  This example from IBM shows how to separate escalations from the UI in WebSphere.  You can then use this … Read More

Can you email a report from a workflow?

Here is a question that was brought to me and it's an interesting one of course. I would assume that most places would probably find this useful especially when a PO or PR is approved and having it email a BIRT report in Maximo 7 automatically.  It … Read More

Maximo Email Approval

How many of you would be interested in a solution that gave you the ability to approve work orders or whatever thru emails?  This is how it would work.  Maximo will send out emails based on certain criteria, let's say a work order that is in WAPPR … Read More