Find “Open” workorder records thru Java MBO code snippet

Just a reminder to myself that I found this nice little code snippet that we can use to find "OPEN" records through Java MBO's.  "OPEN" in this case, I would assume, is something along the lines of a workorder with at status that is in WAPPR, APPR, … Read More

Openmaximo on virtual beans

For all you Maximo java developers, this article may be of interest to you.  It also shows how to create custom dialog in Maximo. [Openmaximo] … Read More

Debugging BIRT reports

Debugging BIRT reports can be a pain if you don't know where to start looking.  You can't set breakpoints in your report and step through your javascript code, but this code snippet will help with all your report writing needs. … Read More

BIRT onDemand and BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone

Today Actuate brings us BIRT onDemand and BIRT Mobile Viewer for the iPhone.  These applications allow users to view BIRT generated content on the iPhone or iPod Touch. BIRT Mobile Viewer Delivers Rich, Interactive Content For Enterprise Users on … Read More

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