How to quickly rebuild and redeploy EAR files with WebSphere

OK, this tutorial isn't exactly rebuilding and redeploying EAR files, but if you are developing and writing some custom java classes for use with some extra fields or whatever, you will know what even if you make a single code change within Eclipse, … Read More

Change font size of long description dialog box

Here is a simple trick to change the font size of the long description dialog box for MAXIMO 7.  Open your maximo.css file located under "ibm/SMP/maximo/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/webclient/css".  Find the attribute ".ibta".  It should … Read More

How to deploy Maximo EAR files

Deploying Maximo EAR files is easy once you get the hang of it.  We take this process for granted because we do it so much at the office.  IBM has supplied us with steps on how to deploy these EAR files for Maximo 6 but these steps can also be … Read More

Install multiple instances of Maximo 7 using WebSphere

The previous versions of Maximo all came with an installation guide that helped you install a Maximo application server for production purposes and also for testing or development purposes.  In most cases, this is how most of our applications are … Read More