Automation Script Template

How many times have you written an automation script and just can't figure out how to import classes using jython?  I'm no jython expert, but I can't count how many times I've googled how to format strings or concat a string and number to print to … Read More

Add labels to application tool bar buttons

By default, the tool bar buttons within any application are just plain icons, like the run report or route workflow icon buttons. You can change this to add labels to be more clear of what the buttons are for. Go to Application Designer and export … Read More

Changes to how Maximo fixes are delivered

Here is are full article about new changes to Maximo deliveries. Some notable changes: iFixes will be delivered every 4 weeks Fixpack schedule is now delivered every quarter (3-4 months) Fixpack vs. Featurepack Fixpacks are now … Read More

Missing SYNONYMDOMAINS after Maximo 7.5 Upgrade

For some reason, after upgrading to Maximo 7.5 some SYNONYMDOMAINS are missing such as LINETYPE, TOOLBARICONS, and ATTEMPTRESULT.  You will see an error in the SystemOut.log for these missing values on Maximo startup.  Here is the script to insert … Read More

IBM Maximo Fix Pack Now Available

On November 14, 2014, IBM Software released the fix pack for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset Management Essentials Download Description This product update corresponds to fixes for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset … Read More

Add Work Log to SR through Maximo REST API

Here is a common issue regarding how to add a work log to an SR record through the Maximo REST API. One of the biggest issue or error message is this: Error 400: commlog#ownerNull which is also noted here in our forum. This error comes from using … Read More

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